John McCarthy for Montgomery County State's Attorney 2022


John with Richard Gibson and Kweisi Mfume
State’s Attorney John McCarthy with Howard County State’s Attorney, Richard Gibson and United States Congressman, Kweisi Mfume.
John McCarthy with Ike Leggett
"State’s Attorney John McCarthy is the kind of person we need when we’re talking about criminal justice. John is the kind of person we need when we look at the challenges that we face here in Montgomery county and throughout this state. Someone who can look at the job and respond in a way that is required, but yet is still not something that is personal. You’re looking at a person who I believe, not only represents the tradition and history of the court, our justice system, but also the future.” Ike Leggett, former Montgomery County Executive.
Gabe and Uma
"I have been working with John on creative solutions for addressing programs to reduce youth violence for nearly 20 years. John is insightful and informed on all these issues that currently confront us in the criminal justice system. His experience and grasp of criminal justice is a valuable tool that Montgomery County cannot afford to lose.” Gabe Albornoz, Montgomery County Council President with Uma Ahluwalia, Former HHS President

Maryland Attorney General

Brian Frosh

Former MoCo Executive

Ike Leggett

Former MoCo NAACP President

Gregory Wims

MD State Senators

  • Brian J. Feldman, District 15
  • Nancy J. King, District 39
  • Ben Kramer, District 19
  • Susan C. Lee, District 16
  • William C. Smith Jr., District 20
  • Craig J. Zucker, District 14

House Delegates

  • Kumar P. Brave, District 17
  • Bonnie L. Cullison, District 19
  • David V. Fraser-Hindalgo, District 15
  • James W. Gilchrist, District 17
  • Marc A. Korman, District 16
  • Sara N. Love, District 16
  • Lily Qi, District 15
  • Pamela E. Queen, District 14
  • Kirill Reznick, District 39
  • Vaughn M. Stewart III, District 19

County Council

  • Gabe Albornoz, President
  • Andrew Friedson, District 1
  • Sidney Katz, District 3
  • Nancy Navarro, District 4

County Elected

  • Jud Ashman, Gaithersburg Mayor
  • Karen A. Bushnell, Clerk of the Court
  • Joseph M. Griffin, Register of wills
  • Neil Harris, Gaithersburg City Council Member
  • Lisa Henderson, Gaithersburg City Council Member
  • Darren M. Popkin, MoCO Sherrif
  • Michael Sesma, Gaithersburg City Council Member(Retired)
  • Rebecca Smondrowski, MoCo School Board